©Background photo: André Fischer www.andrefischer.net

Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik (MAM) and composer Neele Hülcker are researching ASMR and presenting their findings from different artistic perspectives in a multidimensional concert experience.


At the heart of this program are pieces by Neele Hülcker thematizing the ASMR “experience”, as well as pieces by Mark Andre, Helmut Lachenmann and Simon Steen-Anderson that are given, in this context, an entirely new dimension. In addition, original YouTube videos by Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik and Neele Hülcker will be projected during the concert.

The concert can be presented either as a two-hour performance, or as an “ASMR-Studio Day”. During the performance, “live installations” will be running in different spaces of the concert venue, as well as tutti modules in the concert hall.